Extra coat $5
Standard we spray tan a single coat of spray tan solution.  If you wish, we can add an extra coat for darker results.

Express Spray Tan Solution $10
For those clients who are in a hurry and who need to shower

within a few hours, we offer an express tan, using the Fiji Express Spray Tan Solution.  

Liquid Gold Shimmer Drops $5
Add a little sparkle to your developing spray tan with Liquid Gold Shimmer Drops! 

Bali Bronzer Drops $5
Widely used on Hollywood sets and in the fitness industry, Bali Bronzer is a spray tan solution additive for achieving darker, instant color.

Spray Tan Parties (your location)

​Host tans for FREE with 4 or more guests.

Every guest will receive a professional spray tan by a Certified Spray Tan Technician. With 4 or more guests: Each guest pays $50​, and the HOST tans for FREE!

See also our Spray Tan Parties page.

​​​​Mobile Services (your home/location)

Full Body Tan $95

Full Body Tan 2+ people $50 each

​Mobile pricing is based on client location in the Denver Metro Area and 1 coat of Tahitian or Lava Tan Solution. See "Add-ons" for spray tan solution upgrade options & extra coat(s) of solution.


Full Body Tan $45

Prepaid Individual Packages:

6 Tan Package $240 ($40 per spray tan)

10 Tan Package $350 ($35 per spray tan)

Always summer at neverwinter!

Char: "Omg Ilse, I LOVE my tan!!!  I feel like a golden goddess!!  I will definitely be back next recommending all of my friends to you!"